Trystal Minerals – Bronze



Comes with FREE Kabuki Brush. Self Tanning Bronzing Mineral Powder.

A world-first self-tanning bronzer that offers bronzing mineral coverage and a subtle lasting tan.

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Trystal3™ Technology combines instant pure mineral bronzing with lasting gradual tan results. Unique formula interacts with your moisturizer or liquid foundation base to tan the skin.
Application after moisturizer will give the best result.
Oil-free formula.

How to Apply: Swirl the Kabuki brush in the powder and tap on the edge of the pot to evenly distribute the minerals. Applying over moisturiser or liquid foundation, blend the powder onto the face, neck and décolleté in sweeping movements. Use more around the cheekbones to achieve a contouring effect or a deeper tan result, apply more product to your face. The subtle tan effect will last 3-7 days, decide whether to reapply based on your face colour after evening cleansing.


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