What is the difference between tinted and un-tinted Self Tan?

Tinted self tan contains a bronzing guide so you achieve immediate color on the skin. It allows you to see your tan as you apply, making it extra easy to apply. At the same time, the tanning agent DHA will work over 4-8 hours to develop your lasting color that remains on the skin following showering. Gradual self tan applies to the skin completely clear like a moisturizer. It then develops subtly over 4-8 hours so your tan appears gradually. Gradual tanners guarantee absolutely no transfer onto clothing.


How does Self Tan work?

The main active tanning ingredient used in  tanners is Dihydroxyacetone (also known as DHA), which is derived from organic sugar beet. DHA is combined with pure natural and organic ingredients that condition and nourish the skin while tanning it. The DHA reacts chemically with the amino acids found in the upper epidermis (top layer) of the skin producing coloring from yellow to brown. An individual’s level of amino acids will dictate the final result of their self tan application. DHA should be left to develop on the skin between 4-8 hours for optimum results.


What does Certified Organic mean?

Certified Organic beauty products require the maximum amount of organic ingredients, minimum synthetic ingredients, minimum processing of ingredients and clear labeling so that consumers can make an informed choice.


How long will my Spray Tan last?

Your tan will last 4-10 days depending on skin maintenance, hormones, pH level of skin, stress, exhaustion or any herbal or prescribed medication. To achieve the best results, prep your skin by exfoliating with salt or bicarbonate of soda.


How long should I wait before I go into a pool?

Ideally you should achieve the depth of color desired and then shower before going into a pool. This usually takes between 6-8 hours. Once your tan has developed you can swim, but sea water and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.


Can I still get a sun tan through my Self Tan?

Yes, you can still get a suntan and potentially sunburn through most of our self tans.


When do I need to shave before applying tan?

For best results we advise to shave at least 24 hours before applying the tan.


When can I apply moisturizer after tanning?

You can apply moisturizer once the tan has fully developed and showered off. It is important to use an oil free moisturizer as some essential oils can act as a barrier in the tan developing.


Will the product streak?

No, our products don’t streak but make sure you prep the skin well before use, exfoliate and don’t moisturize.


Does the tan smell?

No, all of our tanning products are completely odorless.


Are we Vegan?

All our products are vegan friendly and cruelty free.


Is your tan Gluten free?

Our suppliers manufacture in accordance with the Cosmetics Regulations 1223/2009 and the Cosmetics Products (Safety) Directive 2008 and adhere strictly to this Regulation and Directive respectively. With regards to Soy and Gluten – although we do not intentionally use Soy or Gluten based ingredients in our products we cannot say for certain that traces of these ingredients are not in our products (e.g. raw material suppliers may well process their ingredients in a factory that does have Soy or Gluten). We do advise a patch test prior to use of all our products.


Do you test on animals?



Can I use tan when pregnant?

In line with Industry Standards we advise not to use tan in the first trimester. However there is nothing in our products that would be of concern when pregnant.


Will my sun spots go darker with tan?

Each skin type is different so we advise to carry out a patch test 24 hours before applying the tan.


I have eczema / psoriasis, can I use the tan?

Yes, because our products contain ingredients such as aloe vera, which has natural soothing properties, licorice which is anti-inflammatory and ginkgo biloba which is anti-bacterial they are suitable to use with these skin conditions. In addition, the moisture locking properties in our tans ensure dry skin remains hydrated.


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